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Product Testimonials - Bully Dog Diesel Performance .biz

10 Most Current Testimonials are Listed Here:

PMT (Performance Management Tool)
I had the PMT installed 2 weeks ago and it is worth the money. Very large increase in power and milage on my 2008 Ford F-350 6.4 liter. The increase in power is worth its weight in gold when you are towing as I like to camp on the weekend in 38 foot fifth wheel whick dry is 11400 lbs and it pulls the hills with no problems Thanks Bulldog for a great product.

Terry Yarborough
Clarksville, Manitoba

PMT (Performance Management Tool)
I installed one of these systems in my 2005 F-550 with the 6.0. My main purpose was hoping for a big fuel increase like my dad and brother got with the 7.3s. I only got around .5 to .8 and was thinking of selling the unit. I have had it now about 2 months and won't part with it. I recommend this to anyone. I now have plenty of power going up hills. The unit still lets me use the tow/haul mode from Ford and I haul in performance and extreme mostly as this is where the best fuel mileage is. I weigh 10,800 empty and I can now easily out accelerate my dads F-250 gas job. (he has an F-350 diesel too). I advise anyone to invest the extra money and get the PMT because of the ease of use, screen size with good readability and ease of installation. Very simple. The directions were also very good from the factory manual and customer support actually seemed like they like us calling them for information. It was a pleasure talking to someone that wanted to talk with me.

James Ricker
South Carolina

Power Pup
Holy moly my shortbed reg.cab gmc 5.3 with 3.73s &z88 susp.is sideways all over the road hemis dont have a chance.

Anthem, Missourri

Triple Dog Gas
I installed my Triple Dog Gas in my '05 Tahoe, with the 5.3L, and was amazed at the increase in fuel milage. I was able to nurse it up to 15.5 mpg with the factory settings and then saw an increase of 2-3 (at times 4) mpg - which now averages 18.4 mpg most days... at this rate my Bully dog will pay for itself in less than 60-days. Amazing!!

Amarillo, Massachusetts

PMT (Performance Management Tool)
Last week I installed the PMT on my 05 Dodge Cummins. It was very easy, and the instructions are very helpful. We sell alot of them, but finally decided to use one on our shop truck. Highway milage went from 17.5 to 21.8 on the Extreme setting. The cruise was set at 2 mph above the legal speed limit.

Baden, Oklahoma

Triple Dog Programmer
2006 F-350 6.0l 4x4 - This product is great it gave me so much power for towing when i pull my 5th wheel it feels like there is absolutely nothing behind me its great and i would highly recommend it and as for how much quicker the truck is lets just say iv not even been left by a camaro z28 with minor mods and iv never had it on extreme mode.

Martin Suarez
Andrews, Massachusetts

Bully Dog Triple Dog Diesel Downloader
INCREDIBLE!!! Our 2001 Ford Excursion gets an amazing 28 MPG on the highway, and 25 in the city! (gotta love the black smoke, too!) It also cut the 0-60 time from 13 seconds to 9 seconds! Their tech support was the best I have ever used! And the unit was completly trouble free. I tried other products, but had problems, and wound up going with Bully Dog. THANK YOU BULLY DOG!

Daniel Jaeger
Maryland Heights, Florida

Power Pup Gas
Just installed on my 05 crew cab z71. I didnt think it would make that much diffrence but wow. better fuel milage went from 15.5 to 17.5. We all knowchevys fall on thier face when they hit second gear but not with this thing. Get one and you wont regret it.

Springdale, Montana

6.7 Bully Dog Power Pup
The bully dog is awesome cant wait till they come out with the extreme setting, it got me 2-3 mpg and at todays diesel prices thats important. It was really easy to install took about 10-15 minutes I run it on performance most of the time ,but its hard to keep your foot out of it. I would buy it again

Lucas Kirkpatrick
Emory, Massachusetts

Power Pup for Nissan
I love the power that bullydog unleashed. The ability to turn the torgue management off alone was worth the price. I regularly pull a 12' covered trailer for boy scout activities and due to wind drag my truck stayed in 4th most of the time before bullydog. Now on regular tune my truck pulls it in overdrive with ease.

Rockport, Massachusetts